I bought what could be the least expensive auto these folks will sell all month, but, the Team of Gary, Mark and Sonia handled it like it was their biggest sale of the year. The deal was put together and the car arrived in Minnesota in a week! The car arrived even better than presented or expected! These people are truly professional and still believe in a Total Quality approach to sales and service you just don’t see as much of these days. Don’t worry, buy from Berglund and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Gary, Mark and Sonia for a great experience!

  • Mike from Minnesota

“Scott in Land Rover Service is amazingly knowledgeable.”

“Scott in Land Rover Service is amazingly knowledgeable.  I can describe a wonky sound or symptom and he predicts with better than 90% accuracy what it needs and approx how much it will cost to fix.  He consistently goes above and coordinating service appointments.  He even had my car dropped off at the airport for me once.”

– Doug M.

“I love my XC90!”

“I love my XC90!  So far, no real questions.  I did not have time to set up the Volvo On Call system on my cell phone, and hope to do that this weekend.  If I run into problems, I will visit the dealership next week.  The salesman, Mike O’Conner is awesome!  He knows the vehicle inside and out!  I was sorry I had to leave before we had everything set up.   The Sales Manager, Raymond Spradlin, is a gem!  He and Mike are the reason I bought a Volvo!  I was going to test drive several luxury SUVs but after my visit to Roanoke Volvo, I decided I did not need to look any further.  I knew everything about the XC90, was happy with it, and knew that my future service experience with the dealership would be top notch!”  – Elise W.


“I seldom write reviews, unless it is something extraordinary. “

” I seldom write reviews, unless it is something extraordinary. I also never look forward to negotiating for a new car. However, my experience with Berglund Jaguar was one of the best I have ever had. I worked with Mack Douglas (center manager) and he was upfront and transparent from the beginning. Ashley Pannell also provided any information that I requested, including sending me pictures and even a video of the car I was looking at. Mack kept his word on everything he promised and even went beyond the call of duty. For example, one night he had to send me an email, which he did on his own time from home, even though it was very late at night. My personal thanks to Mack and his team.” – Roy S.

“The cost to fix it was very reasonable and my husband was VERY pleased.”

“n October, I noticed my headlights fogged when the sun hit them or when the headlights were on and the condensation did not go away. When I brought the car in, Tammy Niles, Mercedes Service adviser, told me Mercedes stated this was normal. She said that even though the “test” showed this was normal (the condensation went away at room temperature) she would look into it further. The following day she called to tell me they would replace the headlights. I was very pleased that they took the extra step to make me happy. Not many, if any, dealerships would do this. They even touched up a fairly large scratch on my door handle, at no cost to me. The couple of times I was in the dealership, Brain Vess would stop to speak with me, Tammy offered me a loaner car, and she offered to wash my car. All service personnel gave me eye contact, said “hi” , asked if I needed anything etc., while I was there. Everyone made me feel welcome, in a down-to-earth way. I must add this. My husband has a 1986 Mercedes SLK, and he was having some problems with it. He took it to several places throughout the year Each place kept his car for 4-6 months, and they were unable to fix the problem, and charged him. My husband, who believed that Mercedes would rip him off with repairs, finally took it to Berglund Luxury of Roanoke. They found the parts and fixed the problem within a couple of months and then stored the car for a couple more months, since we were out of town. The cost to fix it was very reasonable and my husband was VERY pleased.” – Annette F.